Pure Panama Shaving Oil For Men

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Pure Panama Oils

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Our vegan, organic, GMO free, virgini coconut oil is sustainably harvested by the women of the Ngobbe-Bugle indigenous in the islands of Panama. Your purchase helps support these women and their children. Our coconut oil is manually cold-pressed, never bleached, never refined and untouched by chemical processes.

The ultimate all natural, vegan pre-shave oil for a closer, smoother shave. Our moisturizing lubricating oil protects your skin, allowing, the razor to glide over the hair without trapping the skin, preventing razos rash and nasty bumps. Naturally filled with vitamin E this nourishing oil, with its warm, woodsy scent moisturizes and protects your skin all day. Perfect for conditioning beards and goatees leaving them well-groomed and helping you to avoid the "kiss chafe".

Directions: Warm oil between hands and apply before shaving. Rinse after shaving. Reapply for use as an aftershave or facial oil.

  • Size: 4 oz. recyclable bottle