Pure Panama Dry and Damaged Hair Treatment

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Coconut Oils


Pure Panama Oils

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Vegan, organic, GMO free, virgin coconut oilt is sustainably harvested by the women of the Ngobe-Bugle indigenous in the islands of Panama. Your purchase helps support these women and their children. Our coconut oils is manually cold-pressed, never bleached, never refined and untouched by chemical processes.

Repair damaged hair fast. Our ultimate moisturizing blend of raw, Organic Coconut Oil with Pure Organic Almond Oil is naturally rich in Vitamins A, B & E and the proteins needed to nourish damaged hair. Strengthen your hair naturally while reducing breakage, hair loss and adding shine. Watch your hair, nails and eyelashes grow longer and stronger with regular use of our all natural, chemical free oil.

  • Directions: Apply generously coating hair  from root to tip, ideally leaving overnight or for a minimum of thirty minutes. Use twice per week until you notice a marked improvement then reduce to once per week.
  • Size: 4oz recycable bottle