Pure Panama Anti-Aging Treatment

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Coconut Oils


Pmá Rareza

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Vegan, organic, GMO free, virgin coconut oilt is sustainably harvested by the women of the Ngobe-Bugle indigenous in the islands of Panama. Your purchase helps support these women and their children. Our coconut oils is manually cold-pressed, never bleached, never refined and untouched by chemical processes.

Pure Coconut Oil with Mandarin the all natural, chemical free anti-aging treatment your skin has been thirsting for. Our raw organic Coconut oil pulls the Mandarin oil through the layers of your sking filling the cells with Vitamin C. The Coconut and Mandarin oils work in harmony increasing your collagen production, rejuvenating your skin and plumping out wrinkles so skin looks younger and more vibrant. Our anti-aging oil penetrates deeply, promoting the growth of new skin cells & tissues helping to reduce scarring and treat appearance of age spots and stretch marks.

  • Directions: Massage into skin twice daily.
  • Size: 4 oz. recycable bottle