Pure Panama Organic Teeth Whitener

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Coconut Oils


Pure Panama Oils

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Vegan, organic, GMO free, virgin coconut oilt is sustainably harvested by the women of the Ngobe-Bugle indigenous in the islands of Panama. Your purchase helps support these women and their children. Our coconut oils is manually cold-pressed, never bleached, never refined and untouched by chemical processes.

Recommended by dentists, oil pulling with organic, virgin coconut oil has been proven to fight gingivitis, plaque and microorganisms that cause bad breath while it naturally whitens your teeth.

Finally an organic product that improves oral health and safely whitens teeth without harsh chemicals that can damage your enamel. Now with a great organic minty flavor that tastes delicious and leaves you with minty fresh breath.

  • Directions: Swish one teaspoon of oil vigorously for 15 minutes.
  • Size: 4 oz. recyclable bottle